Geld Advisory offers the complete breadth and depth of high-quality financial advisory services encompassing Equity and Debt syndication, M&A Advisory, Restructuring and Recapitalization, Corporate Risk Management Services for hedging interest rate, commodity and currency risks

Corporate Financing Solutions

Financial Restructuring

human hair uk Corporate with financial turnaround objectives are exploring ways to structure their capital and resolve stressed debt with innovative structures to improve valuations for stakeholders. Jayesh Sanghrajka & Co LLP., assists these corporate in working out a comprehensive restructuring and revival plan which includes working out strategies to unlock value out of assets or business and/or financial restructuring of liabilities.

Financial restructuring becomes necessary when an organization experiences inability to fulfil its obligation thereby heading towards financial turmoil.

We work alongside lenders, stakeholders and all levels of management to develop restructuring strategies that improve a company's balance sheet, profit & loss and cash flow. We can provide background support to the executive team and assists them in renegotiating their finances, providing a robust challenge to the business plan that underpins their refinancing proposals. Operational Restructuring seeks to provide the skills needed for turnaround planning and implementation to restore profitability and build a platform for growth.

• Our dedicated tax experts advise on designing the optimal deal structure and how to effect transactions.
• The team provides solutions to support a broad range of transactions, including acquisitions, divestments, IPOs, group reorganizations and financial restructurings.
• We support clients in negotiating the best possible deal considering all business, financial, legal, technical aspects involved.
• Our services extend beyond deal closure and we provide post deal handholding to ensure smooth transition.

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