Geld Advisory offers the complete breadth and depth of high-quality financial advisory services encompassing Equity and Debt syndication, M&A Advisory, Restructuring and Recapitalization, Corporate Risk Management Services for hedging interest rate, commodity and currency risks

Corporate Financing Solutions

Equity and Debt Syndication

human hair ukGeld Advisory helps companies in raising capital to meet their growth objectives. The current environment consists of industry sectors where the structures are changing rapidly. External capital often becomes a catalyst to achieving market leadership. Geld Advisory’s focus in this process is to assist companies in raising the necessary capital to meet their growth objectives

Private equity/ Venture Capital:
We provide end-to-end advisory services to companies in on their capitalization strategies, which helps them to achieve their growth targets. We work with clients through all stages including strategy, investor short listing, , commercial term-sheet and due-diligence.

Debt Syndication and Structured Finance:
We assist companies to leverage on debt as an instrument to raise capital for various requirements including projects, expansions and modernizations. Geld Advisory has a wide network of relationships with lending banks across a variety of banking Products like Working Capital, FCNR Loans, ECB loans, Project Loans, Debt Swaps, Short and Medium Term Corporate Loans amongst others, In a short period of time, it has successfully raised funds for turnkey projects in various sectors. We execute such transactions with the right lenders at attractive terms in a time-bound fashion.